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Top Buyer and Seller Lead Generation Strategies

Lead strategies for the volatile market and how to position yourself without being overly sales-pitchy.

Renters/Property Managers

  • Contact renters who moved in 8-9 months ago

  • Renters whose lease is a few months from ending could be potential buyers who can buy at a lower monthly cost than their current rent. Go back to the MLS to identify homes rented 8-9 months ago and find potential buyers.

  • Contact property owners who rented their property 8-9 months ago

  • Many investment property owners want to sell, reposition, or buy another rental property.

  • Generate business with investors by engaging with owners who are managing their property rentals. Ask them if they have considered selling since the market is so high, and if they aren’t, ask whether they are considering buying another rental property in the near future.

Upload community videos to YouTube

  • Add valuable information about the communities you serve using YouTube videos.

  • You can shoot these 1-2 minute videos with a smartphone or hire someone to shoot them professionally. Sharing local information shows your local expertise and the organic search traffic from these videos is great and grows in value exponentially over time.

Post Reels on Instagram or TikTok -- just one reel can feed into multiple social platforms.

  • Use these short burst videos to share information about your farming area or about a particular property, or to answer frequently asked questions about real estate.

  • Show your professional expertise as well as your personality.

Write LinkedIn articles

  • If you post good content with effective hashtags that mention the areas you’re serving, you’ll develop new leads for your business.

  • These articles can be about local events, the real estate industry, FAQs, credit tips, etc.

Add Value to Local Facebook Groups

  • These groups are centered around local cities or neighborhoods, and many of the questions people ask will come from people interested in moving to the area. Answer their questions about the area, and provide value so that when they ask a real estate question, you can send a private message to them and add even more weight. They’ll typically do business with the first agent they talk to.

Post listings on Facebook Buy Sell Trade groups

  • Most areas have a local Facebook Buy Sell Trade group where you can share an available property with the group members. If you don’t currently have any listings you can share, ask another agent if you can promote one of their properties on social media, and then watch for the people who comment or engage with the post. Private message those people to answer questions from potential buyers and generate showings, and use those listings to drive customers to pages where you can capture their information if possible.

Host a First-Time Homebuyer Seminar

  • Partner with a lender and credit repair company to host a seminar to teach renters how to own a home.

Host Open Houses

  • Open houses are another one of the most foundational ways to grow your business. Open houses can help you get in front of potential buyers and sellers as well as curious neighbors who want to know what their homes might be worth.

Reach Out to Friends, Family, Acquaintances, etc. Who Have Reached Milestones or Other Life Altering Events:

  • Contact newly engaged couples

  • Reach out to pregnant couples

  • Connect with new empty nesters

  • Divorce Leads

  • Probate Listings (Death in Family/Estates)

Ask for Referrals

  • Please share on social media how much you appreciate referrals and publicly thank the people who provide them for you. The adage, “Ask and you shall receive,” applies to referrals.

Run PAID Marketing Ads (Multiple Platforms)

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Ads

Note - Target Your Farming Area: Geographically and Audience

Buy Leads (Multiple Sources)

  • A few sites to begin your search are: Zillow,, and Bold Leads.

  • It's important to find out how often they provide leads and how many times they sell each individual lead before you sign up.

Sign-Up for Referral Programs (Multiple Sources)

  • A few programs include: and Bank-Owned/REO such as register for HUD home sales websites.

  • Also, check with your broker to see if they have any Master Agreements with different referral/lead companies.

Call owners in tract-built neighborhoods that are 3-5 years old

  • National builders pull their sales team from areas as soon as the final house sells. Therefore, many of those homeowners are sellers whose homes have tons of equity.

  • Find these neighborhoods and talk to the homeowners to establish yourself as the expert on the local market. These are often great neighborhoods for farming if you identify people who can benefit from your help.

Execute Circle Prospecting

  • A research study from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that three homeowners in the closest 20 houses will consider listing within three weeks of when a property sells. Reach out to these 20 homeowners in the days following the sale to let them know the sale’s details and explain how the deal may impact their home value.

  • They may not sell right away, but you’ll have the opportunity to generate immediate and future leads.

Start a Digital Farm If You Don't Already Have One

  • Generate an email list of owners, maybe even those in your neighborhood, and send them a monthly email that includes a video of you talking about the previous month’s sales.

  • Share details about recent sales, pending sales, and how the market is currently performing.

  • Include a call to action at the end that invites curious homeowners to contact you for a no-obligation update about their specific home values.

Do Video Comparable Market Analysis Daily

  • Send video CMAs to past buyers, people in your farm area, and anyone in your circle of influence.

  • Record your screen, and share the comparable sales and home’s value range without the homeowners asking for it. People are often surprised by their home’s value, and when you do something people don’t expect, you’ll create raving fans for your business.

  • Use this material to post general market comps on your social media platforms! Note: don’t post videos with people’s personal home information.

For more information on leads generation or marketing resources available to our agents contact to see all the benefits offered to REeBroker Group agents!

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