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Top 3 Reasons Listings Expire

Updated: May 2, 2022

Avoid these common pitfalls on your next listing – by Sarah Vance

One of the most frustrating situations a Seller can find themselves in is having their listing expire with no escrow or buyer prospects. 

Here Are the Top Three Reasons Why Listings EXPIRE

  1. Property Price – Was the property priced accurately according to Fair Market Value (FMV) and current comparable homes in the neighborhood? Listing agents with a success record in the same market may have an upper hand in providing insight for property price. Note regarding FMV – buyers typically work with real estate agents, therefore, if the property is overpriced the buyer’s agent is unlikely to show the property. 

  2. Property Marketing – Online exposure is key in today’s real estate market. Make sure that a) the property has an online presence and b) that the presence is alluring. Good photos can make or break if a potential buyer will come view the home. Note – rarely do people buy a home sight unseen. Agents that go above and beyond just putting the property on the MLS may have an advantage. 

  3. Curb Appeal – Condition of the home is important. You want the buyers to visualize themselves living there as soon as they step onto the property. That means they must want to walk in the front door. And then once they are in the atmosphere should make them want to stay. Therefore, the property should be decluttered, eliminated of pet odors, and cleanly decorated. Agents that have an eye for curb appeal may be the key to a seller’s success. 

You need a real estate agent that is going to take the above three reasons into consideration when putting together your home’s marketing plan. All three of these are equally important in a Listing. Make sure you are being wise when choosing the agent and brokerage who will represent you in the sale of your home.

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