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Top 10 Lead Generation Tips

Updated: May 2, 2022

1. Build partnerships. Your success begins with networking with other local businesses and real estate professionals in complementary industry niches such as insurance companies, title companies, bankers, lenders, staging companies, landscapers, cleaning services, etc. Anyone that is you can form a mutually beneficial alliance with will help you in being more successful.

2. Send a handwritten note. Personalization goes a long way when communicating with past and present clients. You can also follow up on the card/note with a phone call days later to ensure they received it, have any questions, and ask for a referral.

3. Advertise. You will want to invest in yourself and your business with paid advertising. There are many companies that will allow you to create a campaign within your budget no matter how big or small. Some effective ways to advertise yourself include traditional and technology or internet-based such as billboards, local newspapers, neighborhood canvassing, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Google ads, blogs, etc. 

You may also want to consider advertising options specific to real estate agents such as, Zillow, Trulia, etc.

4. Build your own website. Personalize your brand and web presence by brandishing your specialties, niches, and client reviews. SaleCORE allows you to customize a website unique to your market area:

You can optimize your personal websites by writing valuable content regarding the buying and selling process. Create a unique and helpful “how-to” video.

5. Develop a niche. Choose a niche and become an expert! A niche will allow you to focus your targeted marketing efforts and become the go-to real estate professional for those buyers and sellers. 

Check out some of our REeBroker Group webinars on choosing and building a niche.

Some examples of typical real estate niches are historic homes, luxury homes, neighborhoods, student rentals, school districts, first-time home buyers, condos, distressed properties, seniors, divorcees, commercial, land, etc. The possibilities are endless!

6. Use “Coming Soon” and “Sold” signs. These are tried-and-true ways to generate interest – so don’t skip these integral items!

7. Generate leads on LinkedIn. Join LinkedIn Groups for your target audience and contribute to the conversations with knowledgeable answers and comments. Build rapport before pitching your services.

8. Organize educational events. Host educational events that will build rapport with your niche market and community. This will help boost your personal brand as well as get some new business prospects. 

Partner with other local businesses and set-up a home-buying seminar over lunch. Co-hosting will broaden your audience base and increase leads.

9. Don’t neglect leads. Whether hot or cold. Even if you showed that prospect a dozen homes before they realized they weren’t ready to commit. Don’t discard their information – send them follow-up postcards, emails, texts, etc about new market developments. You want them to remember you when the time comes that they are ready!

10. Target FSBO listings and Expired Listings – for more information of how to earn their trust check out our previous blog post.

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