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Starter vs. Forever: What Kind of Home Will You Purchase?

It’s time to purchase a home, and you have a decision to make: starter or forever? Do you plan on staying in your next home for the foreseeable future, or is it a stepping stone to a better house down the road?

Starter homes and forever homes are distinguished by many qualities, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. Below, REeBroker has provided some information to help you decide what kind of home to buy!

What Is a Starter Home?

Essentially, a starter home refers to a property that you view as a stepping stone for buying another property shortly thereafter. A starter home typically has a less-than-ideal location, size, and other aspects compared to forever homes. Your starter home will likely be much cheaper than if you were to buy your forever home right off the bat.

Most starter homes require repairs or upgrades. For instance, you may need to install a fence around the property to keep your kids and pets safe. Fortunately, you can quickly connect with

a fence company through service websites. You can also compare companies via reviews, services provided, and discounts offered.

What Is a Forever Home?

On the other end of the spectrum, people buy forever homes when they have no plans of purchasing another home in the future. You must consider current and future needs when determining whether or not a property is a forever home.

These properties are more expensive than starter homes. However, considering that they require minimal improvements, you won't have to worry about investing in extensive upgrades.

The Features

The ultimate goal of purchasing a starter home is to make you a homeowner and put you on the path to buying another home a few years down the road. Your starter home may not have all the features you need to flourish long-term.

Perhaps the location is not convenient or the layout doesn't suit your growing family. Maybe there are several repairs and renovations. However, with the hope of stepping up to a better home in the future, you shouldn't get hung up on the details when purchasing a starter home.

You need to approach your forever home with more scrutiny, considering you don't plan to buy another home afterward. Consider your current family situation and whether you plan to get married, have children, open a home business, etc.

Your forever home must be able to accommodate all your needs for the next several decades. Of all the features, however, location is the most critical. You can always renovate a home, but you can't pick it up and move it to a different neighborhood or region. Fortunately, there are plenty of top-notch areas for laying down roots!

The Home Warranty

Another factor to consider is homeowners insurance. Comprehensive insurance can cover the costs of many items in your home, but adding a home warranty can extend coverage to home appliances and systems. Search “home warranty worth the money” to learn more about whether it could be a good investment for your family.

The Mortgage

The type of mortgage to pursue on your next home will depend on whether you're purchasing a starter or forever home. An adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) is ideal for starter homes because you plan to move on in a few years. These loans often carry lower introductory interest rates, and you have a good chance of selling the property before the interest rate rises.

If you're settling down in your forever home, consider taking out a 30-year fixed mortgage so that you don't have to worry about rates going up and down. Sure, this type of loan comes with a slightly higher interest rate, but you don't have to worry about it increasing over time.


Are you ready to become a homeowner? Are you ready to settle down in a property that will accommodate your growing family or business needs? Keep researching the differences between a starter home and a forever home to determine which path is ideal for you at this time. And remember to reach out to one of the many world-class real estate agents at REeBroker Group to find the perfect property!

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