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Recycling and Decluttering Tricks to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Updated: May 2, 2022

One of the most effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint and create an environmentally friendly home is to recycle and declutter items no longer needed or used. Here are simple tricks to make an immediate impact on the environment by creating a more sustainable home.

Recycling the Big Stuff

Household items, such as bedding, electronics, and appliances, are often full of dangerous chemicals that can pollute the environment. It’s vital to recycle these items to protect the ecosystem. In Carlsbad, California, you can do so by taking them to local recycling centers. Also, consider donating items with little to no resale value, including old clothes, children’s toys, and household goods, to local charities.

Decluttering and Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning and decluttering your Carlsbad home makes it more comfortable to live in and can even raise its value if you ever decide to sell. Remove anything that doesn’t bring you joy or make your space functional or pretty. Clutter creates visual chaos in your home, making buyers feel anxious and uncomfortable — not exactly an ideal situation for someone looking to buy a house.

If you're undertaking a more extensive renovation, consult an expert, take pictures of your progress, keep receipts for all materials used, and document everything.

Going Digital

All those old family photos don't need to clog up a drawer. Scan them, store them on your computer or phone, and recycle that shoebox of pictures. Not only does doing this declutter your life, but it also keeps precious memories safe from harm. You can also upload all those scanned photos onto photo-sharing sites, such as Flickr or Picasa.

Green Cleaning

When using cleaning products around your home, select options that are effective at what they do and good for your health and the environment. Certain brands contain harmful chemicals, such as ammonia, chlorine bleach, and formaldehyde. Choose green cleaning products instead. If you dilute a product, it lasts longer — and your wallet thanks you. They’re also nontoxic in case of an accident while you clean.

Choose Reusable Items Over Disposable Ones When Possible

Many home products are disposable, but it’s possible to avoid them. Instead of throwing out plastic scrubbing pads and sponges, consider using old rags or cotton T-shirts instead. Swiffer cleaners come with pads that you can wash and recycle. And cloth diapers — used by eco-minded parents of babies — can easily be reused as rags for household chores.

Reduce Plastic Packaging at Home

Invest in reusable containers for staples, such as rice, pasta, grains, beans, and legumes. When you buy in bulk at a store or farmers' market, bring your own reusable bags or containers. Opt for products that come with as little packaging as possible — and look out for soy sauce in dispensers instead of plastic bottles.

Green Living

The key to green living is reusing and recycling rather than wasting and relying on green cleaning options. Using these tips, you can go green while also decluttering your home.

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