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Make Your MLS Listing Stand Out!

Updated: May 2, 2022

Make sure that when leads are searching for their Dream Home that your listing shows up

When writing information regarding your new listing, don’t just regurgitate data and numbers. You need to create a descriptive story and build a lifestyle that draws in prospective buyers.

10 Tips on Getting Your Listing More Attention

  1. Get creative with your Listing’s descriptions. Yes, you’re limited in liberty but use the properties best features to draw in interest. Use photos with unique features and angles. Create a video house-tour and let your creativity blossom. Create a narrative, a vibe, a mood while showcases the properties most valuable characteristics.

  2. Optimize your search results by using your target market’s key word phrases. Use these words in your advertising and marketing.

  3. Use QUALITY real estate listing photos. If your budget allows, use a professional. If not, you can do your own photography, but pay attention to lighting, staging, curb appeal, etc.

  4. Utilize email to get your listing in from of leads. Use one or two of your best photos and include important items such as: location, notable features, etc. Have a call to action whether that is replying to the email, filling out a query form, or visiting a landing page. Make sure your subject like is clear and concise so your leads will open the email.

  5. You want to capture your target audience with a variety of marketing avenues. Therefore, create a special landing page and/or a specific property blog. This is where you dazzle your leads with photos and video detailing all valuable of the property and surrounding community. This is where you get creative! Have calls to action, simple capture forms, and a free download to increase your conversion rates. As in all marketing be sure to include those targeted key words throughout the post or page content to ensure maximum exposure.

  6. If your listing shows well – host an epic open house! Capture that lead in-person, face-to-face. Market the open house both offline and online. Stage and prep the home. You may also want to print out buyers guides with information about the listing and local community.

  7. Leverage all social media sites to increase your advertising efforts: Pinterest, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

  8. Send snail mail – email is great but target the local community with high-quality branded mailers. Use those professional-quality photos and create a beautiful postcard or brochure, but make sure to include an URL to your landing page, blog, video-tour, etc.

  9. Share the listing with other agents and brokers in your sphere of influence. Be personal and encourage them to forward your listing on to other agents/leads in their network. Real estate is all about how you use your network!

  10. Be consistent with your branding – present your listing as a unique experience that conveys similarly across all marketing channels and platforms. Use consistent text copy, font style, color theme, etc.

Need to join an Association or MLS board to get your listing process started? Check out REeBroker Group who has broker membership to over 55+ Associations through California.

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