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Keep Yourself Safe In The Field

Updated: May 2, 2022

The natural processes of buying and selling a home often make real estate agent’s a prime victim to crimes. Most crimes against real estate agents are crimes of opportunity. Therefore, avoid providing the opportunity for crimes to happen.

Reasons why real estate agents may be targeted:

  1. Real estate agents often work alone

  2. Schedule showing appointments with random members of the community

  3. Advertise open houses

  4. Visible signs of wealth

  5. Women are more likely to be attacked than men

Tips that may keep you safe:

  1. Hold open houses during day-light hours.

  2. Instruct owners to put away valuables, photos, and prescriptions. Make sure home is insured.

  3. Do not wear expensive jewelry, flaunt luxury items or a full wallet because that may imply that you’d be a valuable hostage.

  4. Avoid being alone at isolated homes. Have another person with you or inform someone that you will be checking in and if you do not, they should contact you.

  5. Ensure cell phone works and emergency contacts are programmed.

  6. Have visitors sign in: full name, address, phone number, and email.

  7. Walk behind the prospect, direct them do not lead.

  8. Always check the premises before and after the Open House. Don’t assume everyone has left and check that all windows and doors are locked.

  9. Inform the neighbors – have them be your eyes and ears to anything out of the ordinary.

  10. Carry small self-defense weapons with you such as pepper spray or a handgun (if its legal in your area). Safety alert devices are also great because they send distress signals directly to police station at the push of a button.

Stay safe in the field! Listen to your gut. Real estate agents are taught to be polite and accommodating to all people, however, often those who have been a victim of a crime ignored a client’s unusual behavior. So, if you feel uncomfortable or that something is amiss don’t ignore or dismiss those feelings. It is okay to leave as quickly as possible; your safety should be your number one concern.

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