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How to Earn the Trust of Expired Listings?

Updated: May 2, 2022

How to Provide Value to Expired Listings – Connect with the Homeowner/Seller. By Sarah Vance

Disclaimer – It is no secret that when a listing expires, real estate agents know about it! Did you miss the last blog post – see the Top 3 Reasons Why Listings Expire. Understanding these three key areas of real estate listings will be monumental in your marketing and advice to homeowners that have fallen into these pitfalls.

Expired Listings is Real Estate Farming 101 and that’s because it works for agents who really follow through with their marketing plans. Therefore, you must provide something of value to the seller. Give the seller realistic goals and expectations. Do not oversell or under promise! Use your expertise to your advantage and play to your strengths.

The seller after their listing expires will be bombarded with postcards, flyers, letters, and other similar solicitations from real estate agents in the local market. If will need to ensure that your material stands out, so it doesn’t get thrown out. Make it colorful, oversized, customized, add some swag, and if you can: hand deliver. Be creative and don’t be afraid to explore different options to see what works best in your area!

Your solicitations should be encouraging and supportive in message and tone. If you are reaching out within the week that the Listing expired, most sellers, at this time, may be frustrated with the fact that their home did not sell and may not be receptive to more real estate lingo and advertisements. Your marketing should be consistent, direct, but not aggressive. Use your experience, recent sales, and neighborhood market expertise to show that you can bring something new and fresh to the table. If the homeowner seems distrusting, then you may want to switch your marketing plan to providing consultative services.

If the property is not re-listed and you have not received a listing appointment by week three, you should be trying to reach the seller directly by phone. The follow-up phone call should be to 1) see if the owner received your service package and 2) ask to view the property so that you can have up-to-date information for potential buyer clients. Get your foot in the door (literally)! This property preview could give you some one-on-one time with the seller and gather more information on the listing – if you come prepared you may even be able to give your Listing Presentation and Marketing Plan during the preview! Plus, if you can’t get the listing you may have a jump start on potentially being the buyer’s agent.

Be sure that you are checking the MLS weekly or driving by the property looking for yard signs to ensure that the listing hasn’t been re-listed with another brokerage or gone For Sale By Owner (FSBO). If it has gone FSBO – your marketing tactic will change, and you will want to change up your message and tone.

Don’t have a good marketing strategy, scripts, or Listing Presentation. REeBroker Group’s Mentoring Program provides top training, business collateral templates, and step-by-step guides to ensure you are prepared for each and every real estate transaction. 

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